terça-feira, 6 de maio de 2014

Enough Is Enough: Full Film

http://steadystate.org/enough-is-enough - Enough Is Enough lays
out a visionary but realistic alternative to the perpetual pursuit of economic
growth—an economy where the goal is enough, not more. Based on the best-selling
book by Rob Dietz and Dan O'Neill, the film explores specific strategies to fix
the financial system, reduce inequality, create jobs, and more. Drawing on the
expertise of Tim Jackson, Kate Pickett, Andrew Simms, Natalie Bennett, and Ben
Dyson, Enough Is Enough is the primer for achieving genuine prosperity and a
hopeful future for all.

Enough Is Enough is produced and directed by film-maker Tom Bliss, and includes
illustrations by cartoonist Polyp (see
http://polyp.org.uk for more), animations by Henry
Edmonds, and title graphics by Cassandra Chu. Funding for the film was provided
by the Climate and Geohazard Services hub at the University of Leeds,
Berrett-Koehler publishers, and the Urbal Institute.

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