sábado, 3 de outubro de 2015

Sente frequentemente uma profunda conexão com a natureza, animais e pássaros e gostaria de aprofundar essa conexão?

Outubro 24
The Park Ecovillage, IV36 3TZ Findhorn
27/10   De 24/10 às 11:00 até 27/10 às 17:00
Have you ever felt that your pet was trying to tell you something ... if you only knew what it was?

Do you often feel a profound sense of connection to nature, animals and birds, and would like to deepen that connection further?

Interspecies communication teaches us, or reminds us, how to communicate non-verbally with all species - our pets, domestic and wild animals, as well as plants, trees and even the elements.

For more information and to book: https://www.findhorn.org/programmes/597/

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